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marți, 15 mai 2012

Acumulator Canon NB-2L, NB-2LH, 1200 mAh


Comenzi telefonice

tel: 0740950475
email accesoriifoto@gmail.com
Tip Li-Ion
Voltaj 7,4V
Capacitate  1200mAh
* No Memory-effect!
* Build from high quality cells
* 100% compatible to the original battery
* Can be charged with every standard or original charger
* CE Certificate
* Overcharge Protection
* Overheat Protection
* Short-circuit protection

Acumulatorul este echivalent cu:

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Canon 2L12
Canon 2L14
Canon 7302A001AA
Canon BP-2L12, BP2L12
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Canon DDNB-2L
Canon HS-DCL2L
Canon LIC2L12
Canon NB-2L, NB2L
Canon NB-2LH, NB2LH

Canon CB-2LT, CB2LT
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Canon IXY DV5, IXY DV 5
Canon IXY DVM3
Canon MD120
Canon MD160
Canon MV5, MV 5
Canon MV5i, MV 5i
Canon MV5iMC, MV5i MC
Canon MV6iMC, MV6i MC
Canon MV800, MV-800
Canon MV830, MV-830
Canon MV830i, MV-830i
Canon MV850i, MV-850i
Canon MV880X, MV-880X
Canon MVX200, MV X200, MVX-200
Canon MVX200i, MV X200i, MVX-200i
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Canon MVX25i, MV X25i, MVX-25i
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Canon MVX35i, MV X35i, MVX-35i
Canon MVX40i, MV X40i, MVX-40i
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Canon PowerShot G7
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Canon ZR-100, ZR100
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Canon ZR-500, ZR500
Canon ZR-600, ZR600
Canon ZR-700, ZR700

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